Camile, a cycling camera with an integrated GPS Cyclocomputer,

stand out from the crowd with vibrant colors.

Camera, Built for Cyclists

Camile supports 1080p and 720p recording.

Fitted with a 140° wide-angled lens

and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization),

it deals easily with all cycling environments,

meaning you won't lose a single moment.

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GPS Cyclocomputer

Using the GPS with a 6 Axis motion sensor and altimeter,

as well as advanced fusion algorithms,

Camile can give you quick and accurate 3D positioning.

Ride without wait.

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Huge Battery & Storage

Camile includes a rechargeable 1350mAh battery,

which provides continuous shooting for 3 hours

or independent operation of the GPS for 16 hours on a single charge.

Paired with the huge 32GB internal memory

Camile supports 8 hours of continuous shooting,

So you can capture a ride without worry.

  • 0h Shooting
  • 0h Cyclocomputer
  • 0h Video Storage

It’s All About Cycling

With the Camile App you can set time and distance goals

for a customized cycling plan, custom alerts will let you know when you’ve reached your goal.

The special Long Distance Trip function can record each and every journey,

using Smart Edit to put them together, and ready to share at any time.

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Wonderful Videos - Smart Edit

Supports WiFi connectivity with phones,

providing simulated cycling data.

Smart Edit filters and editing functions,

help create brilliant videos in seconds.

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  1.         WiFi
  2.   Smart Edit

What else?

This is just the beginning.

Follow us to discover what else Camile has planned.


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  • 2016


    Grand Canal Show

    Hangzhou Grand Canal Square