Video, Bring Your Footage to Life

High image resolution with a low bit rate

means you can store hours or more of video,

for editing and sharing on your mobile device.

1080p30 | 720p60 | VGA

Time-Lapse, Endless Creative Possibilities

Time-lapse allows you to create a collection of photos,

whilst preserving battery life and storage.

Camile can capture images in intervals between 5 and 60 seconds

and then combine them together to form a Time-Lapse video

or simply select your individual photo favorites.

Image, Clear and Detailed.

Equipped with a 140° FOV lens and state-of-the-art EIS technology,

Camile enables you to achieve a perfect shot on various complex cycling routes.

Optimized Automatic Exposure means it responds better to your environment, no matter where you are.

140° FOV