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Thank you for choosing miniwing products, for Return and exchange service and related policies, please read the following.

1.  Within 7 days from receiving date, as well as not being used, discovers a manufacturing defect.

2.  After exchanged the good, product was still found manufacturing defect.


1.  Product was found damage caused by transit with the presence of courier.

2.  The received product was different from the purchased order.

3.  Product failed to start with the help of manual or Miniwing’s engineer, or was found manufacturing defect.

Returns or Exchanges do not apply to:

1.  Customer did not claim for return or exchange when receiving a product.

2.  Claim for return or exchange after 7 days past from receiving date.

3.  The items of returned product should be complete and in the original packaging, without any damage.

4.  Unable to provide legal proof of purchase or receipts, or was altered.

5.  Product has no manufacturing defect inspected by Miniwing technician.

6.  Accident (including collision, crash, or fire) caused by non manufacturing defect, or product subjected to unauthorized alteration, exposure to extreme environmental conditions(including moisture, oil, dirt), improper installation and use.

7.  Alteration of show signs including labels, serial number, false mark, waterproof mark.

8.  Damage from force majeure, including but not limited to: fire, flood, lightning strike, car accident.

Within 1 year from receiving date, Miniwing offers free product repair service, customer is not required to pay any of the inspection, labor, spare part replacement, testing, and return delivery of the product fees (delivery to the repair centre is paid by the customer). Customers can directly contact the MiniWing After-sales service or an authorized dealer to inquire.
For free repair, the following conditions must be met.

1.  Normal use since purchase of the good and within the warranty time, a non human-error problem is discovered with the product.

2.  The product has not been taken apart, modified in any way more than as stated in the user manual, or been subject to other non-human faults.

3.  Provide sufficient purchase proof, receipts and order numbers.

The following does not warrant free repair.

1.  Collision or burn accident resulted from a man-made error.

2.  Damage caused by refitting, disassembly, or opening of the shell that were not as stated in the official user manual.

3.  Not according to the instruction manual, incorrect installation, use and operation resulting in damage.

4.  Product is operating under harsh environments resulting in damage,such as wind, rain, dust, etc..

5.  An uncontrollable incident (earthquake, fire, lightening, war) resulting in product breakdown or damage.

Warranty Information

1.  The customer is required to pay the product return delivery fee. After the Miniwing's authorized dealers or MiniWing after-sales service centre receives the good, it will undergo testing to find the cause of the fault, and confirm responsibility for the problem.If it is a product defect (non human-error), Miniwing will be responsible to cost of inspection, labor, spare part replacement, testing, and return delivery.

2.  If the product does not comply with warranty policy, the customer may decide paid repair or delivery without repair after getting offer of repair price.

3.  If you encounter problems that warranty policy does not cover , or damage is caused from a human-error, We will asses the problem and cost of repair, the customer is then required to pay for inspection, labor, spare part replacement, testing, and return delivery.

4.  The total repair and maintenance record is available to check on the MiniWing website or by calling the Miniwing after-sales service phone number.

Delivery Costs

1.  For returns of non quality related problems, delivery costs are to be paid by the purchaser.

2.  For returns and exchanges of quality related problems, delivery costs are paid by Miniwing.

3.  The purchaser is required to pay the return delivery costs in advance, if the judgement is found to meet warranty policy, the delivery cost will be refunded to the purchaser.

Shall I use Camile on motorcycle, E-bike or blance-car?

Camile can be attached on most of the handlebar, such as motebike, E-bike, and Balance-car.