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Miniwing Technology Introduces Camile R20

2016/04/15 11:30

On April 13th 2016, during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair,  Hangzhou Miniwing Technology introduced it's latest product in the Camile cycling range – the Camile R20, a Smart GPS Bike-Computer. This is the second product introduction this year from Camile, the first being the Camile R100 introduced during CES in Las Vegas, a smart cycling camera with a built-in GPS Bike-Computer. 

The R20 simplifies cycling, quickly and accurately giving you the data that you need whilst cycling, all without sacrificing any functionality. 

Using the built-in sensors, speed and distance are displayed on the screen, responding almost instantly to change. With the quick and accurate GPS positioning, the R20 start-up time is just a few seconds.

The R20 has a battery life of up to 50 hours. When the cyclist stops for a rest, the device will automatically go into standby; if they continue cycling it will wake up, finish for the day and it will enter sleep mode. In sleep mode the device is capable of lasting for 200 hours. The battery life gives cyclists ultimate ease of mind, only needing to charge once a month if used for two hours each day. 

Connected with mobile devices through Bluetooth, all positioning information and cycling stats are synced. With the Camile App, cyclists can set time and distance goals, and the R20 will display how far they are from reaching the goal. The Long Distance Trip Function allows long trips to be grouped together. Completed cycling routes are clearly shown on a map overlay, making it easy to repeat awesome trips.

The Camile R20 is another step forward for the Camile brand. Every product following the core beliefs, a brand designed for cycling.