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Miniwing and Camile at IFA 2016

2016/09/13 10:24

Last week in Berlin, Germany, Camile Cycling hosted its first booth at the IFA Technology Conference. IFA is one of the most internationally renowned technology exhibitions, featuring some of the world’s largest technology companies showing off their latest products. 

We showed off the latest improvements to the Camile R100 Smart Cycling Camera, the combination of a GPS Bike-Computer and a 1080p Cycling Camera, providing everything a cyclist needs out on the road. We also gave a sneak peak in to the future of the Camile brand. Since the release of the Camile R100 earlier this year, demand has been increasing month on month, as consumers hear more about this intuitive two-in-one product. 

Camile Booth at IFA

Media Interview with a Camile Product Representative

Camile Press Conference 

        We can’t wait to share our future product line-up with you soon.